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Roger Doiron
How do I build my own tomato cages?


Building tomato cages isn't easy, but it can be a great project for bringing gardeners together and growing community. Here's our step-by-step guide to the process.

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I use wire cages & cut bamboo for tomatoes, a friend use a line running the length of the row, with riser lines from the tomato plant at ground level.the riser line is wrapped a round the main stem as the tomato plant grows. So you must tie & untie the riser from the line as your plant grows.
I made my cages out of the mesh that is used for concrete reinforcement. They are heavy; however, they will support the tomatoes all the way to the top and out of the top.   You might note the yellow flowers.  I had lots of blooms but nothing was setting, so I went to hobby lobby and purchased some plastic yellow blooms and them mixed up a sugar water solution and sprayed that onto the yellow plastic flowers.  Not sure if it worked or not, but I was trying!!      
Is it ok to use heavy plastic mesh, or should you use metal for more durability?Thanks,Ethics @Decor



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