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How can I protect my squash and cucumber plants from squash bugs organically?


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Any suggestions for killing squash bugs organically? For the last 2 yrs, squash bugs have killed my zucchini & some cucumber

Here in RI, they haven't been a huge problem.  We've been able to pick them off by hand and dump them into a tub of soapy water and flush them.  This article has some other good ideas, though: Reading this article, the large number of spiders present in RI could explain our low numbers of squash bugs :)  Tansy and marigold, mentioned in the article both attract tachnid flies and parisitic wasps, so that probably helps account for their repellant effect on the pests...
Squash bugs hate radishes and also Nasturtiums. Best to plant the Nasturtiums early and then plant squash close by. My favorite garden book "Carrots Love Tomatoes" by Louise Riotte is a great resource for companion planting and natural pest repellents.



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