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How can I grow a large variety of vegetables in my home? What do I need? Can I grow carrots next to lettuce etc... First time trying this out, I need HELP!
Hi Megan, I admire your enthusiasm. I have to be cautious, though, and am wondering if you really meant "in your home?" Most plants, including vegetables produce well outside in the right location for optimum light and warmth. Blowing in the outside breeze also makes for sturdy stems. I'm hoping that you mean "at" your home. Even a few plants in pots outside or on a balcony will produce a nice harvest, if they are in the right location. In a large deep pot, you can grow carrots. Lettuces and other leafy greens, also grow well in pots. And yes, you can grow lettuces next to carrots. If you do try to grow inside, you will definitely need a set-up with the optimum light, temperature and humidity, which is not always possible without a fair amount of expense. (Think grow lights, heaters and fans.) Good luck!



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