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Sally Parrot
How and when do you harvest and store horseradish?


Horseradish makes its greatest growth during late summer and early autumn. For this reason, delay fall harvest until late October or early November, or just before the ground freezes. Harvest by digging a trench 12 to 24 inches deep along one side of the row. Then, working from the opposite side of the row with a shovel or spading fork, dig the roots. Use the tops as a handle for pulling them laterally from the soil. Trim the green tops so there's only one inch left. Trim off side and bottom roots saving those that are 8 inches and longer for next spring's planting stock. Cut the roots squarely across at the top and sloping at the bottom. This will make it easier to distinguish which end to set upright at planting time. Tie cleaned root cuttings in small bundles and place them in moist sand. Overwinter horseradish in a root cellar or basement that stays between 32 and 40 degrees during the winter. The roots must not be exposed to light, otherwise they become green. If storage and temperature conditions cannot be met, an alternative would be to harvest horseradish in spring rather than fall. Dig the roots as soon as new growth starts to appear in spring. Replant lateral roots for next spring's crop. Roots left in the ground for two growing seasons become stringy and woody. Text source: University of Minnesota Extension Photo credit:Anna

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I'm not sure about this. We have some wild horseradish that comes up every year so I don't think you don't need to dig up roots, store them and replant them.



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