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Hi Folks, I have a question about appropriate ground cover around some raised beds.

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I live in LA not far from the beach, so sort of a mediterrian climate. I'm planning my garden in my back yard, and I am thinking of 4 raised beds. I have plenty of room, and great sun. My question is, what to use for ground cover. I could put in grass, but I have two rambunctious dogs and I am afraid with my traffic around the raised beds, and the dogs running through the yard that the grass will just croak. Also, I think lawn grass may be very water intensive. Any suggestions? I was wondering if there was a grass or a ground cover that may not need as much water as a regular grass, and could stand up to some heavy traffic.

(Note pic below is from before I bought the place. Looks like a wreck!)

Quick and easy: tree mulch- best if from trees on your property. Good for the soil; needs replenishing yearly. More permanent: crushed granite ( most any crushed stone should work ) bonds to form an attractive walkway. I don't recommend weed block below the topping. Newspaper, cardboard, burlap, or any degradable material would be okay.



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