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Hi all!! I have green beans started (I know...a little late, but I live in Colorado). I have these little black winged bugs all over the underside of the leaves. Can anyone tell me what they are and/or how to get rid of them? This is my first shot at an outdoor garden, and I would really like it to be successful! thank you!
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I have been told by far better gardeners than me that a pest infestation reflects an unbalanced ecosystem (I would argue to be completely expected in a new garden) is it possible to just let them go and wait for them to attract benficials that will take care of the problem for you? While you might get a lousy bean crop this year, next will be much better. I sacrificed some Raspberries to sawfly in this way last year and this years plants are loaded with blossoms. This year it was flea beetles and the chinese greens. Good luck. There's nothing more frustrating than having to sure with little black creepy crawlies!
At this point, they seem to be doing okay...I had to giggle a little when you used the work "crop"! only because I only have about 4 plants, Lol!! this is my first year trying a garden that has more than 2 veggies growing. Its amazing how many critters there are waiting to destroy at every turn!!
I make a deterrent spray of 1 Tbs Tabasco sauce and 1 tsp all natural dish soap to 32 ounces of water and spray my pest prone plants every 3 or 4 days to prevent damage by pests. It has worked pretty well so far this year!
That is a wonderful idea! I am going to make some up right now. A friend of mine uses a mixture of chewing tobacco (beechnut, redman, etc) soaked in a water bottle, but that didn't sound very appealing to me... Thank you!
Could they be flea beetles? They are black, tiny and jump like fleas. Many very small, round holes would appear on the leaves. If the leaves look O.K., you might try hosing them off with a stream of water. I like SunnyBlooms recipe for insecticidal soap. You could try this until you seem to have tipped the balance in favor of the beans. They are usually vigorous plants that once established, produce well, even if there are a few holes in the leaves. French marigolds attract beneficial insects and discourage nematodes. Good luck!
I have no idea what they I said in one of my posts above, I am extremely new to this :) They do not jump, and they hold on pretty tight in the water. They do seem to be doing okay, and they ARE still growing, so I will try the insecticide soap and see what happens. Maybe they are just along for the ride! thanks for responding!!
It is hard to tell from the picture, but they look like aphids to me. I have them on a few of my bean plants, but i generally just ignore them, or hose them off if it . They arrive with wings, then reproduce.... the ones without wings can simply be hosed off, and if there are a lot of them they generally attract something that eats them.



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