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water efficient gardening
Have you looked at one passionate gardener planting a large garden to supply the entire neighbor hood.

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I had a huge garden and supplied many vegatable to my local town of Guymon OK. Everyone loves garden fresh vegitables, but not everyone has the time. Visit my website to see my water efficient garden pages which details the garden, yields and sales. 


Chris Harvey

Web site

You can see how this was done at
This is what I love about this site, So much can be learned from the experiences of fellow gardeners. Your setup is beautiful. Do I see tomatoes in upside down planters behind the house? Did that work well for you?
My concern would be the fact that giving away food actually de-values it. Resources (water, fertilizer, land, labour...) are too valuable to discredit. When people invest themselves in producing food, they are not so inclined to waste it.
In our garden we produce much more then we can eat and therefore we have a little stand beside our house were people in the neighborhood can buy our organic vegetables for a bargain price. It's become quite popular and we even get reservations on veg now and then. The money helps us fund seeds and plants for the next year. It's a win win situation.



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