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squash blossom
Given we will have our first frost in about 6 weeks (maybe 8 if we are lucky but it will be cold) should I start picking the blossoms off my squash plants?
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I used to live in The Northwoods of Minnesota (zone 2a), I never picked off the blossoms and always got plenty of squash. You are talking about winter squash?
It really doesn't matter. The only advantage that might be gained is that the plant will be putting all of it's energy into maturing the fruit that it already has instead of trying to make more. If you have all you need from the plant, enjoy the last of the blooms before winter takes over. Some squash flowers are edible as well, but please check on the specific variety that you are growing before you toss them into a salad.
Here in zone 4 of the central Idaho mountains - yesterday I reduced my bushy cucumber vines by 1/2 at the base, arranged the remaining branches somewhat on a trellis for the Harvest Festival touring & today will clip the tips of those remaining vines. The theory is that clipping the tips directs further growth into finishing up the fruits & blooms that are already on the vine. This advice was given to me in my first garden in this zone by the legendary *Father Ellway* about my rampant, cascading Roma tomatoes. He persisted until I took his advice. :-)
Actually, that advice is not a *theory* - it is *the scientific rationale.* :-)
I usually prune back my tomatoes about now so they put their energy into the exsisting fruit rather than growing more tiny tomatoes that will never ripen. I thought it might work with squash too.



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