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Jessica Still
Does anyone have a seed source for Calendula flowers that are relatively single & intensely orange? Classic Calendulas?
water efficient gardening
Have you looked at one passionate gardener planting a large garden to supply the entire neighbor hood.
My question is simple, where do i start with preserving food? What would be good things to do/try for a beginner?
Is there a zucchini canning recipe?
Is it possible to just water my spring planted Pink Eye Purple Hull Peas and keep them producing through the fall until the first freeze?
I planted a Stevia plant. Will this survive my high desert winter in CA? How should I harvest this? Can it be put in freezer? Any tips appreciated.
What's eating my basil?
I live in the city but have a raised bed that abuts the south side of my house. I've been growing tomatoes, onions, spaghetti squash and peas all summer, and am planning on creating a temporary greenhouse over the space to grow herbs, lettuce, etc. Any suggestions on materials/where to get them/what to grow? My living room window right above the bed, and my hope is that in the winter I can open the window and get some warm fresh air in from the greenhouse... But, it can't be a permanent structure because I'm renting... haha
Roger Doiron
Anyone ever tried burying cabbage for long-term storage?
Is it too late for me to replant--if not the winter squashes, at least some zucchini & cucumbers?
squash blossom
Given we will have our first frost in about 6 weeks (maybe 8 if we are lucky but it will be cold) should I start picking the blossoms off my squash plants?
My backyard is mostly in a downslope and the soil is black clay and lime. I have been gardening for the last 5 yrs. but I noticed fruit trees do not do well. Anybody here who gardens in a downslope and the water does not drain down to the root of my plants. HELP!! any suggestions?




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