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How do I join or log into the KGI website?
How do I upload a photo?
Jessica Still
Is it possible to search for a KGI member by Profile or Home Page? To read their bio & learn more about their gardening perspective?
How do I add content to the site?
Jessica Still
On the KGI Members Profile page - is there a word or character/space limit on "Short Bio"? Thanks ...
How do I add a short bio and my blog url to all my posts?
How do I change my user name?
How do I cancel my account?
How do I change my avatar profile image?
Where can I see the most recently added content on the site?
I just bought a dozen rhubarb plants and I'm not sure how big a space I will need for a permanent bed. The package says 18 inches per plant but I'll be planting them in a four by four foot raised bed. How many will go in each bed that size?
Joel LeGrand
How do I find another member's page?




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