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Questions! - Depth of beds - living in PA and wondering if I can go with 2"x12" boards and if I should go 24" deep or if 12" is deep enough for my raised beds. Also, what should I use to fill them with? What type of mix? Can I used gravel at the base for drainage? Should I be lining the very bottom of the beds with screen to keep the grass from coming through?
Why can't I find my KGI Garden Planner plans?
Can someone tell me how I build a lettuice wall!...I am desperate to know now so that I can have it ready for planting. Thanks
lumber for raised beds
What materials should we use for building our raised bed containers?
How do you get newbies interested, involved, and committed to home/community gardening for food production?
Hi, I just discovered your video and this fantastic website. I'm a beginner in gardening and I live in Australia. WA Geraldton. I would like to find some gardenners from the same area. Any idea ?
Is the new product SALANOVA organically cultivated? Nowhere in the literature or video does it say? Makes a pretty crop, but is it GMO to get that way? HELP! Please point the way.
Anne Gatschet
What does "early" refer to?
In Kenya, I used to make Sukuma Wiki, using kale. When I make it here in MA, the kale available doesn't look, nor tastes like, what I ate in Kenya. What type of kale is grown in Kenya, and can I get it (or the seeds) here? Will it grow in the MA climate (zone 6)? Please advise, and thanks in advance for your help.
What is best to plant in the spring time?
Mary Haven
As February 1 has come and gone can I asume that Mary Haven will not be a receipiant of a food garden grant? I haven't seen any press release identifying those organizations that are receipiants. Do you have a mechanism that would provide me with feedback on how we can make our application stronger in the future? Alex Pearl
I submitted an application for theSow It Forward Grant. I received the confirmation upon submitting it however, I did not receive an email nor did I have I heard anything... Should I assume my school did not receive the grant?




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