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LaPine Oregon G...
7/21/2013 my zucchini plants have only male flowers. How can I encourage female flower growth. I know the difference between male and female flowers.
Bartlett Pear - Protection from Coddling Moth through use of nylon stockings?
Due to the wet season, my Bing cherries are starting to develop blue mold.
I'm trying to upload my status report with a photo and I receive an error message: Not a valid URL. What am I doing wrong?
How many of specific plants do I need to plant to grow food for my family?
Laurie niles
How to get eradicate black ants: redoing a 118'x18' school garden; scrapped to hardpan, added layer of cardboard, rice straw, finished compost & wood chips. will have garden boxes & containers atop of chips. seeing black ants (problem from the past) under cardboard layer. suggestions?
dividing rhubarb crowns
How and when do you divide rhubarb crowns?
What are the optimum widths and lengths for garden beds?
Questions! - Depth of beds - living in PA and wondering if I can go with 2"x12" boards and if I should go 24" deep or if 12" is deep enough for my raised beds. Also, what should I use to fill them with? What type of mix? Can I used gravel at the base for drainage? Should I be lining the very bottom of the beds with screen to keep the grass from coming through?
Why can't I find my KGI Garden Planner plans?
Can someone tell me how I build a lettuice wall!...I am desperate to know now so that I can have it ready for planting. Thanks
lumber for raised beds
What materials should we use for building our raised bed containers?




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