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What's the history of school gardens?
The leaves on my tomatillo plants have been turning yellow and dropping off. They're both still setting fruit and the fruit seems to be growing, but I'm worried the plants have some sort of virus. I thought at first they were just reacting to all the rain we've had recently, but fertilizing is not helping. Anyone know what this could be?
What is this fruit?
What would keep Swiss chard from sprouting?
Do Anise Hyssop plants (in the mint family) need to be plucked/pruned at the top to make them bushier?
Can I re-plant in the same spot?
Hi all!! I have green beans started (I know...a little late, but I live in Colorado). I have these little black winged bugs all over the underside of the leaves. Can anyone tell me what they are and/or how to get rid of them? This is my first shot at an outdoor garden, and I would really like it to be successful! thank you!
This is the second year for our strawberry bed and it is so overcrowded. When do we thin it out and how far apart should each plant be.
Egyptian walking onion
How does one plant egyptian walking onions?
Something's eating my green bean plants. Any advice?
My Strawberry bed is very crowded. Any advice on thinning them in the fall.
larval condominium
Can anyone help me understand what I found under one of my flower pots this morning?




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