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Roger Doiron
My seedlings are getting too big for their pots but it's too cold to plant them outdoors. What can I do?
Roger Doiron
How do I decide where to put my vegetable garden?
What do I do with my asparagus bed at the end of season?
Roger Doiron
How do I know the optimal time for starting seeds in my area?
Are you still an organic gardener if you use a fertilizer not specifically labeled organic?
Roger Doiron
I have seeds for bulbing fennel, but in the past haven't had much luck in much of a bulb forming. Any advice?
What's the difference between bulbing and leafing fennel?
Why are my carrots green at the tops?
On a seed potato, which side is up?
There are great big holes in the leaves of my plants! What do I do about them?
Roger Doiron
Will tomatoes grow in containers? I don't have space for an in-ground garden.
What is interplanting and why do gardeners do it?




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