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Can someone recomend a good book on companion planting which includes vegetables, herbs, flowers and maybe even fruits?


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Louise Riotte books, Carrots Love Tomatoes, Roses Love Garlic.  They both include not only companion planting but nutritional and pollination needs of plants, herbal remedies, beneficial insects and many more how-to's.  I just got mine out and thought hey, I need to read these cover to cover again, answers a whole lot of questions.
Maxine is right, that is a good book. You can get "Getting the Most from Your Garden" by the Editors of Organic Gardening Magazine also. 1) Interplanting,Successions & Relays, Companion Planting, 2) Inensive Gardeners from Different Regions (10 regions) 3) Plus a "Recommended Reading List" Also there is the "Square Foot Gardening" By Mel Bartholomew Mel planting charts alone are worth the read. As for Fruit & Berries plants, the only thing is the pH of each plants.  So you will plant the correct soil type, Blueberries with Blueberries. Never plant strawberries in a bed that Tomatoes have been grown in the last 3 years. "Fruits & Berries for The Home Garden" by Lewis Hill is a good book. I think Bramble canes ( black & Raspberry) will grow any where that they can get water & sunlight. The only problem I have had is with deer eating the new growth. Cinnamon or bonemeal will keep them at bay for the most part.
I like Great Garden Companions: A Companion-Planting System for a Beautiful, Chemical-Free Vegetable Garden by Sally Cunningham.  She combines, vegetables, flowers and herbs.  My garden has never looked so pretty since I started following her advice.  I also have a lot few pest problems.
The Vegetable Gardener's Bible: "Discover Ed's High-Yield W-O-R-D System for All North American Gardening Regions" not so much for flowers though. love this book!!!
The Vegetable Gardener's Bible is one I haven't seen. Thanks Joseph & I will put it on the Library list for our Sustainability Center here. Meanwhile, could you say a little more about the W-O-R-D System you praise? 
Wide rows, Organic methods, Rased beds, Deep soil, exert: "Gardening out of the box Most gardeners grow plants in narrow single rows separated by wide walkways. Why?... the answer we finally reach is: 'So there is room for my horse (or tractor, or rototiller ) to get between the rows.' ...has very little to do with the nature and growth requirements of vegetable plants." I also learned abit about roots, if you are like me you imagine of carrot roots mostly as the carrot itself with a few inches of little roots extending out, actually they can extend out 1 ½ ft out and 3ft deep. At least if given the chance. This book is easy to understand great illustrations great logic and a book you will never forget on your shelf.
The W-O-R-D system on gardening! Thanks Joseph for your helpful gloss on the memorable & useful acronym! " Get the WORD out!"  :-)



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