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Can I re-plant in the same spot?
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My green beans that were planted in early April are almost finished producing.  Can I pull them out and plant more green beans in the same row for fall (after adding organic material) or should I plant something else in that row?  I've had no problems with pests or diseases on that row so far.

May be You can get away with it,two short growing periods equal more ore less one long one.However, I would prefer to grow something else before having the same crop at the same spot again,especially with legumes.But even if You do get away with it it's surely proper not to grow legumes at the spot for 3 or 4 years.Greetings,antonis
P.S.: if You really have to do it,try at least to shift the row by 10''/25cm.This will help a little, I think.
I do try to plant later crops in the same spot that I planted early crops. But like Antonis, I try to plant different crops in that spot. For example, I've harvested a bed of lettuce and spinach and will be planting summer squash and cucumber starts in that bed. Like Antonis, I try not to plant the same crop in the same area for at least 3 years. I also add more compost/soil ammendments before planting. The only time I have read about using the same area for the same crop over time is one source I have read reported that tomatoes can be grown in the same soil for 5 years. I just think it makes sense not to do this, as you are courting diseases and pests for that crop.
In fact ,I have a tomato experiment running: besides normally rotated tomatoes I have two containers reserved and there I grow them every summer( 2nd year only). Intermediate leaf crops do grow in the winter ,though. They are said to like to grow on their own waste, while excreting something that hinders follow-up plants, which so far I could not observe.
Interesting. Would like to know how your experiment goes. I have a small gardening area, and though I'm going to be doubling the size next season, space will always be at a premium. Reallly sunny, warm spots will still be limited. Keep us posted! Thanks.
@ca > We grew tomatoes in the same ground in our covered tomato-house for at least five years. There were companion plantings of basil, Greek oregano & marigolds. The soil was refreshed with a couple of inches of good home-made compost each year. All these crops grew well. I will look online for a good crop rotation description - I have seen the 4-year rotation stated with nice simplicity.
... forgot to say that we experimented with repeat tomato plantings because our garden location is in the mountains & the growing season is short, with predictable unpredictability - such as a killing frost on July 7th. We might have moved the tomato-house to another bed if our tomato crops started failing, but that did not happen. :-)



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