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Can I harvest my peppers now?
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I´m new here! And this is my first question, I´ve grown some Peppers and I was waiting till they´re red. But know they change into a deep unknown colour ;-) but not red... What should I do? They don´t feel soft or muddy, so apart from the colour everything seems to be ok. Harvest time know?

Whenever I have questions on harvesting, planting or stuff like this, I ask you tube. I usually get my answer and learn something news. Another great way to learn is to trial and error. Pull one off now and try it and let the others go a few more days and see what happens. I like learning by seeing what happens. It's hard because sometimes you want all the produce, but it's a great way to learn. Congrats on your nice plant. I do not eat night shades, but wish I had planted some and will at the next oppty.
haha that was exactly what i thought after I wrote my question...I should taste one of them ;-) then I have two left -.- thanks for the answer
You are very welcome. Let us know how they taste! I look at gardening as a fun experiment. The garden teaches me things all by it's ownself too a lot of the time : ) Happy tasting!
You can pick them whenever you want but the longer you leave them, the better they will taste. As far as I am concerned, I only ever pick them when they are red and ALL capsicums/peppers go red eventually, no matter what colours they are while getting there!
Thanks...haha today I tried one of them, first a bit of the top - mhh ok it was absolutely not hot, ok but the top of pepper is mostly not hot...ok at the end I ate the whole pepper inclusive the seeds ;-) and it was absolutely sweet. But I have grown hot pepper. I´m not sure but I think the reason is crossing. On my balcony it´s the only pepper plant, but may in the neighborhood some more. Ok may next year I´ll get some hot peppers ;-)



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