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Can I compost diseased and pest-infested plant matter?


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I had tomatoes that had blight and cutworms this year. Can I compost them in a cold pile?

Do not compost blighted plants.  Burn the blighted plants if legal snd safe in your area, or dispose of them in the trash.  Cutworms will not be a problem in the compost.  See Groups for more information about composting and plant diseases. Stay natural, David
Thanks David. I thought the cutworms went from year to year...last year I thought they were centipedes...some might have been....!
Hi All, My compost pile had lots of cutworms in it. Or what I assume to be cutworms. (Roley-poly bugs that are white and in various sizes, but normally smallish. I also have some that are brownish.) Things look fine except that. I sure don't want to put cutworms in with my new plants. I am on dial up and it takes too long to send a picture!) The compost pile never heated up. It froze at one point this winter. They look like the white bug in the big picture in this link: Suggestions? Do you know if they are? Thank you! Sophie
Sound like grubworms, which are usually white with a brown head and a clear segment at the tail where you can often see the digested matter.  They are not a problem in a compost pile, but I would not knowingly put them in my garden or containers.  Go to Group Garden Pests and see the post on Grubworms. Stay natural, David



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