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Are you still an organic gardener if you use a fertilizer not specifically labeled organic?


This question is essentially asking what "organic gardening" means. Here's a pretty good definition courtesy of wikipedia: Organic horticulture (or organic gardening) is based on knowledge and techniques gathered over thousands of years. In general terms, organic horticulture involves natural processes, often taking place over extended periods of time, and a sustainable, holistic approach - while chemical-based horticulture focuses on immediate, isolated effects and reductionist strategies. Organic practices arise from the understanding that all organisms in nature are interdependent, and in order to have healthy plants we must foster the health of their entire ecosystem. These practices go beyond integrated pest management, beyond the use of so-called organic fertilizers and pesticides. They acknowledge the concept of intrinsic health, and seek to create environments that cater to the well-being of all their inhabitants. So, the shorter answer to your question is that organic gardening (or farming) does not allow for the use of non-organic products and chemicals like Osmocote.

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How to answer. In home made Knife making there are three basic classes.  1) Hand made, you use no electric tools of any kind( Hardcore). 2) Bench made, you use any & all tools in your shop, but you make the Knives one at a time. 3)Small line work, you can cut, grind &  produes as many copeis as you can sale. You can use a helper to do some of the work. Organic gardening. 1) No non- organic  produces or anything that may have a by product that is not organic. Animal manure is organic, but is the food, sprays,& care of the animal pure & organic? 2)The waste & compost are pure organic to your knowledge, but no paperwork as  to proof it. It looks pure, you trust the brand or farmer you are getting it from. 3) It is the greens & browns that the book said would be okay to use. You buy transplants from the big department store, because they are cheater. Then raise the plant in organic soil. There are persons who use all the organic knowledge & techigues, but use some low impact products & chemicals. They feel that slow release chemicals are safe in small amounts. That the purist  go over broad. One man told me, " If you are that pure & not a vagan, you are fooling yourself." Yes, he is a meateater. He also said that rubber is from a tree & therefore is organic, as is plastic because it come from oil which is orgainc. I reminded him that oil would kill any & all plants, so it is a mute point.



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