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Are there any uses for old corn meal - a little rancid smelling - hate to throw it out if it has any garden use. Veggies or lawn? TX
Sure, spread it around! There are many claims about benefits of corn meal on soil, some of which are unproven. But at the least it is a slow release organic fertilizer. I'd spread it around on the lawn myself. On the grass it isn't so likely to blow away. I wouldn't buy corn meal just for the lawn, but if you have surplus, might as well use it.
I'd be inclined to add the spoiled corn meal to your compost pile along with some green material.
Cornmeal has good anti fungal properties as well as being a good mild fertilizer. Spread it on your garden, lawn, flower beds, or put it into an old sock in a bucket of water overnight for a foliar spray. It's the only fungicide I use in my organic lifestyle. Stay natural, David
David, I wonder if you use only organic cornmeal in your organic garden? A high percent - 80% - of US corn is grown GE/RR now. The genetic residues continue to produce their characteristic, coded proteins - the extent would vary with the many variables in life. RR would be the Roundup Resistant, or glyphosate resistant, gene[s]. We are going more organic every day in every way.
I purchase horticultural grade, husks not removed, cornmeal produced by a family owned mill that tries to be all organic. The owner has stopped using any corn products in his Natural dog and cat food, because to get natural corn today you have to grow it yourself from uncontaminated seeds. Even non gmo corn has been cross pollinated with the tainted products. The cornmeal will not ptoduce plants, so I feel it's still a viable tool in the organic garden. Keep up the vigilance snd stay natural. David
I may have confuesd people with the " husks not removed" description. Specifly the outer layer of the kernel is not removed as it is in regular cornmeal. Stay natural, David
Thanks for your prudent & thoughtful reply, David. You are appreciated!



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