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new gardener! as I wait for my seeds to arrive, I am preparing the soil and thinking of setting up raised beds. any advice on weeding, top soil choices, potato containers, fertilizer, and seed germination would be greatly appreciated!
Jessica Still
Does anyone have a seed source for Calendula flowers that are relatively single & intensely orange? Classic Calendulas?
water efficient gardening
Have you looked at one passionate gardener planting a large garden to supply the entire neighbor hood.
My question is simple, where do i start with preserving food? What would be good things to do/try for a beginner?
Is there a zucchini canning recipe?
Is it possible to just water my spring planted Pink Eye Purple Hull Peas and keep them producing through the fall until the first freeze?
I planted a Stevia plant. Will this survive my high desert winter in CA? How should I harvest this? Can it be put in freezer? Any tips appreciated.
What's eating my basil?
I live in the city but have a raised bed that abuts the south side of my house. I've been growing tomatoes, onions, spaghetti squash and peas all summer, and am planning on creating a temporary greenhouse over the space to grow herbs, lettuce, etc. Any suggestions on materials/where to get them/what to grow? My living room window right above the bed, and my hope is that in the winter I can open the window and get some warm fresh air in from the greenhouse... But, it can't be a permanent structure because I'm renting... haha
Roger Doiron
Anyone ever tried burying cabbage for long-term storage?
Is it too late for me to replant--if not the winter squashes, at least some zucchini & cucumbers?
squash blossom
Given we will have our first frost in about 6 weeks (maybe 8 if we are lucky but it will be cold) should I start picking the blossoms off my squash plants?




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