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Chad Everett
How to leverage gardeners to support local food pantries?
Hi, I've started to grow my own salad veggies a month ago, so I'm a beginner. One of the herbs I planted was salad rocket. I have struggled to find information about what time of the year you should plant it so I planted it a month ago, in October (spring in South Africa - lots of rain). I read that once it flowers, that's it, the plant will start tasting bitter and you'll need to buy more seedlings. My one month old rocket (one of 5) is already about 30cm tall and it's flowering! I would like to know if anyone has tips for growing rocket and to growing more seedlings yourself instead of having to buy it every time. Many thanks, Luiza
Is fhere anything by name TUBE COMPOST?
Roger Doiron
preserving mint
What's the best way to preserve mint?
The Family Food...
Has anyone grown parsley root before?
Any experience helping "newbies" in housing projects?
harvesting chard
What's the best way to harvest chard?
I'm wondering what my fellows suggest I do with a small harvest of habenero peppers?
I have a small backyard garden and love to plant tomatoes. I had a problem with my plants this year, I think blight. Since I don't have a lot of room to rotate where I plant, is there something I can do to prepare the soil for next spring's planting?
Is it ok to practice "slob composting" - or am I just kidding myself?
Darwin Tan
Why are my potato plants stunted, yellowing and dying before producing?
I am new to gardening and am trying the whole food way of living. I live in Michigan so right now (Oct.) gardening is over, but I want to get a jump start for next year. I just ordered a hot compost bin, so that is the start for me. My question is: My yard is ALWAYS full of aphids (at least that is what I think they are) and my hostas always have whole all over them and I do not want this to challenge my gardening next spring. Any ideas on how to get rid of aphids? Also, how do I keep the bugs away from my garden in general. I am afraid this will be my biggest problem. While I am asking questions: My yard used to be a soy bean field and there still is one behind us. I want to make sure that the chemicals in our yard are gone. Next spring we will have owned our yard (and had no soy beans in it) for 4 years. Is there a place where I can send my soil for testing? Is there a book that you recommend for "first time gardners". I have all winter to read :) Thank you in advanced and I am SOO HAPPY I found this website!




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