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Pupils Garden

Stobhill School Garden

In January of this year the pupils discussed with the teacher the design and layout of

the garden incorporating walking paths, raised planters, hanging baskets and a


In February we employed a builder put in concrete foundations and construct

our greenhouse. Also around this time we purchased new watering cans, garden forks, trowels, gardening gloves,

buckets, a composter and quality compost,

The pupils prepared the raised beds for planting buy turning the soil and rotating

existing crops from one bed to another.

They planted Peas, Spring onions, Beetroot, Carrots and Lettuce Gardening in the

planters and covered them with bubble wrap fleeces to protect them from frost.

We also planted similar vegetables in our new Greenhouse to compare the difference

with vegetables growing in this warmer environment.

We planted flowers from seed and placed these in hanging baskets around the garden


The Glasgow Schools Children’s Garden donated an apple tree which the pupils

planted and it is currently already blossoming.

They are always jobs to do in the Garden such as weeding, watering, collecting litter and preventing pests such as ,

rabbits , birds and snails from getting access to plants.

Some of the vegetables have grown very successfully in the greenhouse such as carrots and beetroots. These have been planted outside

now that the night frosts have passed and the warmer days are here.

Jobs still to be done are harvesting and then planting low maintenance, insect

attracting plants. These plants grown to enrich the soil, the plants can be lifted and

chopped up and mixed back into the compost where it will rot down in time for next

growing season.

The pupils who worked in the garden this year have all received a

John Muir –

Discovery award.



Where it's at:

Stobhill Hospital
United Kingdom

Garden type:

school/youth garden

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Garden beneficiaries:

children and at-risk youth

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james o'hagan
Anne Gillespie

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