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Pleasant Hill FFA Growing to Give

Our garden project involves raising vegetable plants to be given to our students and members of our community. When we were considering implementing an actual school/community garden, we realized there would be several obstacles to overcome. First, there is no area of our school property that has easy access to water. Second, we have security concerns with asking the community to come whenever they are free to help maintain the garden, especially if school is in session.

We believe that a better use of grant funds and resources at our school would be for our high school vocational agriculture students to use our existing greenhouse to grow vegetable seeds to be given away to students and community members to take and plant in their own home gardens. In the past, we have raised varieties of tomatoes and peppers to be sold. If we are awarded the grant funding, we plan to expand our selection of plants to include more tomato and pepper varieties, cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, eggplant and others. If we are awarded seeds that needed to be planted directly in a garden, we can also pass them on to the community members who participate in the giveaway.

Our greenhouse is 45' by 26'.  We have 16 greenhouse benches with 32 square feet of growing space on each one, for a total of 512 square feet of growing space for seeding vegetables. Our vocational agriculture students will plant the seeds and care for them until they are ready to be distributed. Approximately 30 students in grades 9-12 will be involved. The second grade class at our elementary school will also be involved by coming to the greenhouse to study basic plant science and plant their own vegetable seeds to grow. 

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501 E. Quincy Street
Pleasant Hill, IL 62366
United States

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community garden

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Garden beneficiaries:

families and food insecure people

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What this project needs:

watering hose

Project leaders:

Beth Arnold
Ryan Lowe

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