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Phillippi Shores Elementary Eco-garden

This low-maintenance, raised-bed demo-garden will use 7-gallon containers with food-grade plastic liners to separate garden soil from the ground.

The objectives are to

1. create a complete ecosystem that supports micro-invertebrates, earthworms, butterflies, dragonflies, birds, and humans;

2. produce food to serve in the school cafeteria, prepared in creative ways to entice children;

3. involve students and parents in the construction and upkeep of this eco-garden to instill ownership of the project and provide satisfaction of producing food naturally.

3. use the garden to demonstrate the usefulness of this plan for schools, families, and other organizations. Advantages of this method include use in locations with poor soil, poor drainage, questionable historic use/soil contaminants, urban locations, schoolyards, or rental properties. 

Trees, shrubs, vines, and grasses will be planted along borders as buffer habitat for birds, beneficial insects, butterflies, and other pollinators. Two gardens (fall & spring) will be planted each year. Over summer, containers will be filled with earthworms, compost & mulch until fall.  Partners include a chef/restaurant owner, native plant nursery owner/landscaper, and a nature center director.

Donations have been acquired for labor, lumber, irrigation system, compost, soil, and expertise.

Where it's at:

4747 South Tamiami Trail
Sarasota, FL 34231
United States

Garden type:

demonstration/education garden

Garden size (in square feet):


Garden beneficiaries:

children and demo garden for schools & other organizations (see proposal)

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Project leaders:

Laney Poire
Laurel Schiller

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