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Parkridge Commmunity Garden

Parkridge Community Garden was formed in 2009 to provide organic gardening space to neighbors in Parkridge, an urban neighborhood with a large population of poor, food insecure people. Over the past 5 years the garden has built 20 garden beds, a toolshed, rain catchment system,  compost bins, and a cob wall. Gardeners have planted 10 fruit trees and 20 berry bushes. The garden has been a continuing venue for workshops on no-till gardening, composting, cob construction, contour gardening, and water catchment. Food grown in garden beds has contributed to the sustainence and health of neighborhood families. Children in the neighborhood come by to informally learn about growing food, and they continue to pitch in to plant, compost and construct garden infrastructure. We are continuing to expand the number of beds. We are also partnering with a local business - Knox Compost - to compost household biomass and teach composting classes.

Where it's at:

2087 East 5th Ave
Knoxville, TN 37914
United States

Garden type:

community garden

Garden size (in square feet):


Garden beneficiaries:

food insecure people and children

Number of people reached:


What this project needs:

fruit bushes

Project leaders:

Chad Hellwinckel
Zach Smith

About us:

KGI is a nonprofit community of over 30,000 people who are growing some of our own food and helping others to do the same.  

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