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Roger Doiron
preserving mint
What's the best way to preserve mint?
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I posted my own question to our facebook group and had many helpful replies: 1. Same as many herbs: I wash it lightly to remove dust and dirt and spin them in the salad spinner some to remove excesses of moisture. Then i freeze them loose in a container. They pretty much freeze individually. 2. Shake em clean and pop into a ziploc bag. / Underwhelmed by the dried stuff, this year I have put the leaves in an ice-cube tray, added water and frozen them. Then I put the mint ice cubes into a freezer bag. Haven't used them yet - still got the fresh stuff in my garden - but I have just checked them and they look nice and green. Handy for drinks too. 3. Chop your herbs, put about a tablespoon in each of the ice cube compartments of a tray, add water. and freeze. After they are frozen, you can put the cubes in a plastic bag in the freezer. When you're ready to use, just thaw then in a strainer and you have a tablespoon of fresh herbs. 4. I dehydrate, use for tea and cooking, enjoy them that way just fine. dehydrated at super low temps in an excaliber 5. Same as everyone above. This year I had found a recipe for Mint Pesto but never got any mint to try it. :( 6. Dry it, but can never save enough to last me the winter! use it mostly for a tea ingredient. 7. Used my Mint to make Mint Jelly and Mint Basil Pesto, made Rosemary Salt with some of the Rosemary. Dried the rest too save as cooking herbs. 8. I air dry mine by cleaning it, making it into small bundles, then hanging in a shaded area with good air circulation till dry. Then I take the leaves off and put them in a sealed container in the pantry. This seems to preserve the oils which is where the flavor is.



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