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The Last Harvest of 2012
I see your allotment served you well again this year.
Hi Everett You are an intermittent contributer on here like me. Hope you are well. I always have a problem logging onto this website. Indeed the only way i seem to be able to get on here is by using my wifes facebook account. Because it is such a problem i don,t bother with it that much. 2012 has been a really wet year in the UK. One thing that has grown really well are the weeds. I,ve lost ground in that respect and they have really taken over. Hopefully i will be able to catch up through the winter. The allotment greenouse has done OK though, sheltering the crops from the worst ravages of the rain. I took the photo the other day after clearing out the greenhouse to make way for some winter salads. I hope your garden is still going strong and you don,t have too many extremes of weather. Good luck to you and all other gardeners stuggling with inclement weather.
If You have problems with login make sure to have cookies enabled in Your web-browser.This solved the issue in my case,some time ago.Cookies are accessible through Your Browser's settings somehow(exactly how ,depends on the browser you use).Greetings,antonis
Good to here from you Glenn. Here in south Carolina it was a good year for gardening. It was a little dry but for the kitchen gardener there was enough rain and it seemed to come when we needed it. I've posted some pics on my Flikr page "The Family Food Garden". I'll be checking in here more often and post some pics of whats going on as I get comfortable with the format.



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