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Jessica Still - status 1585465480


Jessica Still
3 years 7 months ago
Once again, I can't *share a photo.* The HELP graphics look only *similar* to what Safari displays. After UPLOAD, what is missing entirely is any way to complete the task with POST or SUBMIT. Please advise.
After > user: Upload < ,which may take a little time,the picture should display in the form as thumbnail,along with a "remove" button next to it.Then,way down the form,below caption and tag options there should be a "save" button.i.e. "save to site". If site's content is displayed distorted,You can try to look on Your addons,plugins,ect. and temporary disable them one by one to see if they interfere in any way.Also,make sure You are using the latest version of Your browser.Greetings,antonis
Thank you, Antonis - I will try the SAVE button again.
Antonis - SAVE gives the same results as before - the photo page displays the image but nothing posts to the kgi website. I wonder how I look at *my plug-ins & add-ons* on a Mac Powerbook? I never see them anywhere unless I am following a prompt to upgrade something. This laptop may be too *third-world* for some kgi Drupal 7 functions. As before, it is my monitor on what parts of the internet still work on older equipment.
Add-ons,ect. should be accessible through Your safari browser settings (safari menubar/).STOP-TIMEOUT:every computer user reaches a point where he has to choose one of two roads.Road A): leave all the problems to the experts,keep on paying them and be at their mercy.(the propriety business model). Or road B): start to take control over the equipment.This involves reading,finding out how to get support from others online &offline,fiddling around with Your gear.It's like learning to walk from scratch,frustrating in the beginning but very rewarding later on.(the open source model).
TIMEIN.this is road B).If You choose road A),please stop reading.A (Ix)quick search for "safari photo upload problems" on the web strengthens my suspicion that this is a safari- and/or safariextensions problem.Plenty of suggestions available.Read only the results that are very closed to Your specific problem.Now,hardware(Your physical laptop) limitations are only in terms of speed and capacity.They limit only the software You can run at Your machine.Once Your software (OS and Browser,be it Mac,Safari or other) is in and running there are no more concerns about about hardware.(to everyone: should I be wrong in this ,please put me straight).Now,if I were in Your shoes AND would like safari for any particular reason then I would dive into fiddling and learning it.Otherwise I would install Firefox.
Thanks Antonis - I have saved a copy to study this evening. At a glance - I think you have identified one of my problems - my long-time superb computer mentor moved to the other side of the USA. He is again the tech-Director of a big school system there & busy long hours as school starts. I aim to work this out ... :-)
Now I see what You mean,Jessica.When logging in with Epiphany browser,I get the same effects - even some distorted avatars when viewing threads.Could not upload pictures - exactly the way You described.ENABLING JAVA SCRIPT fixed the upload problem with Epiphany.Interestingly,I CAN upload pictures with Firefox while having Java disabled.So, making sure You have Java Script enabled in Your Safari browser before uploading would be a good starting (continuing) point.Again,using the latest browser version may solve this altogether.(I used epiphany 2.30,which is not the newest version).Greetings,antonis



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