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Check out our farm-style take on speed dating -- consider helping your school's students meet their matches in your weed patches!
Check out our farm-style take on speed dating -- consider helping your school's students meet their matches in your own weed patches! A great idea for networking with local food businesses, too ;)
We've been looking to do an event of this nature as well -- how did it go? Any companion planting take root?
Glad you're considering an event like this! NPR even ran a story on the idea of 'speed dating' on farms (see our blog post to find the story here: http://sites.duke.edu/farm/2012/09/08/all-of-the-cool-kids-are-doing-it/) We've had two of these events so far, both socially successful overall and one probably more so in the matchmaking department. At our second event, we had more than a dozen women who were interested in men....and only a few guys there, so the ratios were a little unbalanced. Perhaps we needed some more targeted recruiting. We've also tried variations recruiting different types of students (i.e. from different academic departments), and may consider partnering with the LGBT center next time as well. We also had fun playing with conversation topics (i.e. having folks weed across rows from each other, and telling them to share a food memory about the specific crop they were weeding). And of course, food and beverage were a draw ;) We'd love to hear any ideas you're all thinking of!
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