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which plants do y use for delimitating the raised beds borders?

Aug 30, 2012

i would like to delimit the kitchen garden's borders like showing in the photo.

What type of plants do y use?

Thank you all. leo


A very nice question & I look forward to seeing any suggestions. This year I edged my garden bed in our community food bank garden with Dutch White Clover - the smallest, white-flowering variety. I am very happy with the results. The border is distinct & neat; rich green; thick & ~6" wide; the legume Clover fixes nitrogen - I think the plants near it are enhanced; Purslane, Parsley & Alyssum planted in or next to the Clover are growing extra-well. In my plan for maximum useful harvest I planned to trade cut Clover with chicken-owners for eggs. This first season I planted organic, microbially-innoculated seed in a band about 3" wide. Due to the excellent growth, next time I will plant a 1/2" band for an even crisper edging. Adding in Alyssum seed for beauty & the pollinators was a great success - looks best in clumps every so often, rather than mixed into the clover. i have some photos & will post one today.
... As I understand it, Dutch White Clover is perennial, so this border should be good next year as well. Planted mid-June, it has not flowered yet, so we may see flowers in the second year.
Hmm - when I scrutinize all those *green* photos, [1] it is amazing how fast the garden grows now from a few weeks ago; and [2] I think we need a new photo to show the clear edging effect. Before I was looking at other crops ...

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