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On Killing Woodchucks

Jul 23, 2012
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They've been a real problem for me, and I finally had enough


This is the most hilarious blog I may have ever read. We don't have woodchucks here, and I do have a dog, but I exalt in your success. Reminds me of some of my son's articles. I've hunted in my native Texas over many years, but never met the woman who hunts "Texas Style". Oh well, you can't have it all. I'm still laughing. Stay natural, David
Thanks, David. I'm glad you liked it.
A peerless post! From comparative literature I love the retelling of legendary tales. When my dear E was about three, their half-coyote dog was shot by a neighboring rancher in the act of harming a calving cow. Harold dropped his body on the driveway as promised & drove off in his big truck. E's comment was, "Harold is kind of like Mr. McGregor, isn't he?"
Peter, Excellent retelling of an epic tale. Really funny too.

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