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3 years 9 months ago
After weeks at 40*C / 104*F and beyond, we are down at 30*C / 86*F. The pundits promise this will hold for a few days. A most welcome break! Cool!
It almost sounds as if you live in my part of Texas, U.S.A.. We had a break into the mid to upper 90s, but are heading back to the triple digits this week. Lawn and garden work needs to be accomplished before noon for health reasons. Stay natural, David
Hours before noon! And then a couple of hours around sunset......Greetings.antonis
108f./42c today with high humidity. Yes, just before sundown is also bearable. Stay natural, David
can't compete with that these days(and am happy about it): in the upper nineties F / 35-37 C +humidity. Greetings,antonis
The same here in the Rocky Mountain high desert - except we always have cool nights. I was selected as one of four people to have a private plot at our 10,000 sf community food bank garden next to our downtown historic Courthouse. It is xx hotter than the ambient temperature because of asphalt streets on three sides. So they moved the irrigation hours later to accommodate pleasant gardening after the sun goes behind the mountain.
With cool nights You;re in paradise! You can sleep at night and Your home gets to cool off a little.(homes around here are heavy duty concrete and brick with not much insulation)
Yes - I have never regretted choosing this locale as a home base in the entire world. You must have made a similar choice for your home base - and you have the sea ...
But in this European Cup, we can see a more mature and excellent Cassano. Not only wearing AC Milan shirt but also in Italy shirt can he perform well.



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