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My acorn squash vines died. How can I rescue the acorn squashes that were growing on the vines?

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I had five "volunteer" acorn squash vines this year and they were growing beautifully, with lots of flowers, and six big acorn squashes--about six to eight inches big. Then, the leaves got blight (or something that looks like it) and the leaves turned yellow. I tried watering at the base of the plants, but with the record heat wave we have had in Washington, all the plants turned yellow and died, despite the watering. Is there any way I can save the squash? Should I leave them on the dead vines, or should I cut them off the vines? And how should I help them ripen?
Thanks so much. Vineeta

I posted your question to our facebook page and received this helpful answer: Posting from work, somewhat unrelated to work, but can't resist commiserating with a fellow gardener: I bet this is Squash Vine borers, which destroy the main stem, that's why watering doesn't matter. Look at the stems around the base for small holes with a kind of waxy powder(grub poop) coming out. If so that's what it is. The answer for next year: grow butternut squash which don't get vine borers. For this year: if the fruits were mature, they will ripen just from sitting in storage, easily, just keep them from getting humid or hot and wait. If the fruits weren't mature, there is nothing you can do.



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