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Growing Cosmic Purple Carrots

Jun 07, 2012
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Grow Cosmic Purple carrots for the most beautiful and delectable carrot of them all.  Well that's compared to what I've grown so far!

They are 6-8" long, with bright, reddish-purple skins.  The flesh is yellow and orange.  They are sweet and spicy, and taste best when cooked.

Purple and red varieties are very old and were cultivated in Afghanistan tenth century A.D.

Carrots are a cool-season vegetable and are normally sown in the spring or, in frost-free areas, in the fall.

Sow carrot seeds thinly; one to two inches apart in deep, loose soil.  Make sure your soil is void of all debris so roots can grow without interference.  Thin seedlings to three inches apart once they start getting crowded. Use scissors to snip the plants at the soil line.  Dispose of the cuttings or use them in soups or salads.  If you leave the cuttings in the garden, the scent can attract pests.

Carrots will mature in approximately 70 days.    


Very nice info, Miss Lady Bug! I wonder if these beautiful Cosmic Purple carrots have extra nutrition values? At our local Sustainability Center, which is like a year-around indoor farmers' market, they say that the small, Peruvian Purple potatoes have more anti-oxidants than blue-berries!
Yes, I believe they do... they are delicious! Jessica, is there a way to be notified of comments? I never know when I have a comment...
Hello again, nice to hear from you! One of the varieties of carrots I planted is similar looking - from Seeds of Change. The only operative comment notification on kgi at present is what you see on the Home Page display of the Activity Stream. Once that small array has streamed over the horizon you would have to wait out time-consuming page-changes to see if there were any earlier comments. There are no email notifications & the Activity Stream in the upper menu does not display any info re comments > new or number-of. The email notifications of the prior Drupal iteration were useless - to me anyway, since they were so generic that it was more informative to look at the website. However, the Drupal iteration before that did show you a snippet from the comment & was useful. So I'm not sure what metrics for linear progress they are using. Facebook has certainly perfected the editing & notification of comments. On one critical site I used DELETE for about a year to edit my comments & now FB includes EDIT as an option along with DELETE. I would be like the rooster who crows & takes credit when the sun comes up ... there must have been more DELETER EDITORS. :-)
These are beautiful! I have been learning to grow carrots and now I have to get some seed for this! :)

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