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Out of commission for a while

May 10, 2011

Hi Everyone,
Hoping my photo of the Black cohosh,( at my spot in the local community garden and nature preserve) is not too blurry. I also hope the black cohosh is still there, have had major theft problems - people who know what are taking as it is nettles, black cohosh and goldenseal that are disappearing. The things the deer do not eat at my space- some of thee few things they do not eat, I might add! It is oblviously someone who knows herbs, although some have helped themselves to my native hybiscus, and some daffodils as well. Had started to dig what I can and start preserving some in safer places, but that is on hold as well as most gardening for at least a month! I had hernia surgery yesterday. It was a repair of the same one I had years ago. Bummer, it did not hurt - till they fixed it, but I could not take a chance. Luckily I have some friends that are willing to help keep the garden going, and I am hoping for the final tomato planting this week! I did as much as I possbily coould before the surgery yesterday, figuring that if I did do any more damage, it would be fixed and the garden is at least tolerable ( actually better than that) to sit and recuperate, while watching the Summer garden come to life! For those of you who are my friends on Face book-or would like to be, I have many more shots of the garden on my post there. It is much more user friendly to get pictures up, and they come out better too. Hope everyone is having a decent spring, but by the weather extremes all over the place, my thoughts and prayers are will all of you, since I know some are effected by floods, others droughts and others complete destruction from tornadoes, earthquakes or the worst, war. Take care, and I hope to be reporting some good harvesting soon.
Already lots of good wild eats, and the fresh herbs are making meals much more interesting. Jersey asparagus is in as well as Spinach, peas and strawberries can not be far behind. Best of all the farm markets are opening again. I joined an Organic CSA, not knowing that I would be so restricted in gardening, but because I am not sure of where I was going to be able to put my sun loving plants this year. Now I am really glad I did, since I do not know what I will be producing myself.
Happy Gardening, Susan


Hi Susan, Sorry to hear that you had to have surgery again. I hope it heals well this time. Make sure you relax and give it time to heal - probably a good idea that you had signed up for a CSA. Gosh that is dreadful that your plants and produce are getting taken. I am a bit precious about my plants! I am quite dissapointed with how difficult this site is to manage as far as photo uploading is concerned. Most of the time I just re-post from my blog with one photo and then readers can link to my blog if they want to see more. I do have to thank KGI for initaially developing my interest in blogging, it has really opened my world of gardening friends worldwide. ..
Boy, no wonder you are not allowed to drive after same day surgery! Typo city!! LOL! Still hurt enough to make me behave myself, but do not know how much longer that will last! My zinnia loving Gold finch are back in the yard, and the Hummingbirds have been feeding, but I have not seen one at the feeder yet. Will feel better when tomatoes and peppers are in the ground! Keeping it Green! Susan
Well, this year what wasn't stolen was done in by chickens, and the drought. Hopefully in Spring of 2013, we will move everything that is still down there- or sell it to the new rentors and be done. It was wonderful for the 30 years I had the space, We are going to try to just use as much of our private land as possible to salvage what we can. And the picture thing! Hopefully, it has improved since I have been on here last. Working mostly through facebook. these days. I am finding technology can waste more time than snail mail junk! On FB I can contact several people at once and send private messages. I just spend four hours cleaning up my one email account- because I choose not to go on line for three days, I deleted over 500 unopened messages, and at least 200 open ones, and still have over 800 unopened emails to deal with, I wish I could just delete all but some need to be saved for tax and other records. Rather be playing with the veggies outside or in the kitchen! Thanks for your good wishes for That surgery ( what a hassle that was!) Peace and Green Blessings! Susan
Informative blog. It's good to hear from you again. I always like your style; no wining and upbeat. I'm having a few problems of my own, but they will all work out. Spent time in my small garden today, foliar spraying the plants, and enjoying the sights and aromas. Makes my good life even better. Stay natural, David
Hi Susan Sorry to hear about your predicament. Get plenty of rest and recuperation, watching your garden grow. Get well soon. Regards Glenn
I just wanted to thank everyone for all your kinds words and good thoughts. I know MOST people are good and honest, but there are always one or two, that spoil it for the rest of us, and I believe in Karma, so what goes around, comes around. Sooner or later, deceit, stealing and lies do catch up with people. But I have seen more good than anything lately. Since both of us are now officially out of a work, and both of us have some physical limitations, it has been wonderful to see how our neighbors have been pitching in to help. I came home from the surgurical follow-up to find some had cut our grasss for us!!! Not that there is much, but since I can not "pull start" any of our gas run engine yard machinery, I could not get it cut. I was about to get out the sissors- LOL! We only have a little patch of grass in front of our home, so it takes longer to get the equipment out than it does to cut it. Also very happy to report that all the perennials I planted last year are doing well. I lost a couple of thyme plants, but could not be happier with the various shade lovers I added last year. Hoping to get some more of the tomatoes and peppers in today. A friend is coming over to make sure I do not over due it ( They know that I am not good at listening to doctors-Ha!). My first batch of peas have flowers and the second batch are now 3" high. The ground hogs have eaten some strange things this year, but the epsom salts seems to have driven them to other people's yards. They were eating Lobelia ( medicinal, not ornamental) and bee balm!! Munched on a little lettuce. However, my garden success of the year ( if not the last ten)- my Peace rose has bloomed. I took a cutting in 1996, when I moved from my old home. I got it to bloom once, as our yard is just not what roses like. So, last year, I made sure it had plenty of air circulation, clearing as much of the hated ivy as I could. It got a steady diet of epsom salts, coffee grounds and whey- as did all my other roses and most of my garden. I like to do a foot soak, and my husband still drinks coffee , so they get those two things regularly. I have to get back to making cheese again- but without whey on hand, I just use sour milk and milk products for the food. I only use organic ( and raw when when I get it)milk, and it is not homogenized either- a process worse that pasteurization. Hoping our state ( NJ) finally passes the raw milk law. I am a criminal right now for going across state lines to get it!! I will try and get a picture of the rose posted. One rose might not be a big deal for most people, but this one symbolizes hope and many memories at the same time. Stay green! Susan
That's really a shame that fellow gardeners are taking from you. I've never heard of such a thing! Shame on them!

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