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Sowing it Forward in Dallas

May 21, 2014

In the past several months, seven-year-old Alina Rosario, a second grader at Alex Sanger Elementary School in Dallas, Texas, has become an eager gardener at Promise of Peace Community Garden’s Imagine Garden. Before becoming involved, Alina had no interest gardening, nor did she consider where the food in her local grocery store came from. In only a short period of time, Alina has grown to love spending time getting her hands dirty and learning the nuances of vegetable gardening.

Alina’s grandmother has noticed a significant change in not only the way she chooses to spend her free time, but also in her diet. “Before Promise of Peace, Alina didn’t know what cauliflower was,” she said. “Today, it’s one of her favorite foods.” Alina’s interest in gardening extends to their home too. “Now when I water my flowers, she wants to help me.”

When asked about the biggest surprise she’s discovered in gardening, Alina thought for a moment, looked out over the squash plants beginning to blossom and said, “It all amazes me. The smells and the way it changes every day. I want to be a gardener when I grow up.” It seems she’s well on her way.

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Nice job! Thanks for sharing this news about the impacts your garden is having on Alina and other children in your area.
The benefits keep growing- Alina is preparing organic snack for our end of the school picnic as are other POP kids- Ill send updates! I'm so honored to be part of this worthy movement!

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