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2 years 3 weeks ago
haven't been on here for quite a while. i don't find it very user-friendly. how do i find my "old" gardening friends? i'm retired now, lots of changes in my life. i have recently been planting garlic. wherever it grew last year, new little shoots/mini-garlics come up on the spot. how does one manage these? i've been digging them up and throwing them in the soup pot which is fun. but i didn't know garlic did that??????
May be Your "old" gardening friends aren't that frequently around either anymore...... Greetings,antonis
Hi Penelope and Antonis. I'm exploring ways to have more engagement on the site but it's tricky. People are spending more time online than ever but they're tending to seek out large website "one stop shopping" experiences like facebook and twitter as opposed to niche sites like KGI. Usability is also a factor. If you have any thoughts on how to make the site more engaging, useful and user-friendly, please let me know. Thanks.
May be we are barking up the wrong tree.Why would we want to be Facebook 2.0 ? A place where people yell side by side instead of talking to each other? A place where popularity matters more than content? Gardening is not something you "follow" or "like"; gardening is something you DO! What do we want this site to be?This responsibility belongs to all of us.Downside: problem can not be solved by admin alone.Upside: no witch trails.After all, Salem is not in Maine,is it? In a sense, the situation is similar to the one (industrial) agriculture finds itself.We can turn the coin if we want to. But we have to do it together,collectively.And we have to do it ourselves; if we want to have others do it for us it will only get worse. In fact, that's what caused the problem in the first place.
suggestion: a look at the search function stats versus visitor stats could help evaluating whether the history database is underused or not. If indeed it is underused, which I suspect, then making the database available in semi-browsing mode would be an option: one or two (sub)levels of categories echoing the number of post available in each category(important!), beyond that: search funktion which searches within the specific category only. would probably take only moderate effort and could make a great difference. It would encourage interest beyond momentary activity and featured content, which is inherently limited. It could help users to.......grow up. I would favor doing things without much javascript.
A more elaborate idea would be to pick out all the posts of know-how value and organize them in a knowledge reference database.However, it must be made clear to users that it contains personal experience and opinion; not scientific papers.Also, availability "as is" should be maintained.......sounds like a lot of work.
suggestion: enable posts of quality beyond SMS styled, say at least in <comments>. (formatting etc.) This may encourage discussion. Yes, the site's dev may not like the idea.



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