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Nanaimo Community Food Forest--Wellington Secondary School Grounds Nanaimo

From Nanaimo, Wellington, Dover Bay and Woodlands secondary are in the centre of a that has one of the highest poverty rates in British Columbia.  Our goal is to help our community by creating food forests that would allow anyone to harvest fresh, locally grown fruits and vegetables. 

A Food Forest is exactly what is sounds like; a forest that's there for the purpose of growing food. It's a sustainable landscape that would work to to provide for food anyone: people looking for a snack as they walked by or people who aren't sure where their next meal is coming from.  Similar to the idea of a community garden, it would give people in an urban area the chance to harvest fresh, local produce.  However, unlike a community garden, a food forest is much for sustainable, and easier to maintain

The way food forests are laid out is similar to that of a real forest.  With multiple layers ranging from tall trees to a green blanketed ground layer, food forests use every last bit of space.  Also by carefully selecting the plants that make up the forest, you can prevent or minimize the need for weeding by choosing the species that will thrive in the areas where weedy plants usually dominate.


Where it's at:

3135 Mexicanna Road
Nanaimo, BC V9T 6P1

Garden type:

school/youth garden

Garden size (in square feet):


Garden beneficiaries:

food insecure people and indigenous people

Number of people reached:

1 000

What this project needs:

expert technical assistance
community garden creation guidance
fruit bushes
fruit trees
irrigation system
compost bin

Project leaders:

Caitlin Jakobsen
John Mandziuk

About us:

KGI is a nonprofit community of over 30,000 people who are growing some of our own food and helping others to do the same.  

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Kitchen Gardeners International
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