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Mosier School Kitchen Garden

The Mosier Community School, a rural K-8 charter school in the town of Mosier, OR has a small vegetable garden area with raised beds and another area for composting food scraps, leaves, and tree trimmings. The garden began in 2004 and school-wide composting began in 2006, with various teachers and after-school clubs integrating the garden and composting systems into their curriculum.  A revamped school lunch program focusing on scratch cooking and whole foods also began around the same time, incorporating produce from the garden as much as possible. We aim to improve and amplify the gardening program at the school through infrastructure enhancements. Current challenges include crop damage by deer and some neighborhood kids, especially on the weekends and over the summer when nobody is at the school to supervise the garden. We intend to build a nice looking deer fence with two gates that will stay locked when school is not in session. We would also like to replace the current raised beds- now almost 10 years old- with sturdier and taller sides to avoid their deterioration and to help keep the mulch from the pathways out of the beds. For the composting program, we would like to create a bin for each day of the week, let the piles heat up for 2 weeks, then move the material to further process in the new worm bin we build. We currently have only 3 compost bins (we are able to get high tempuratures and finish thermophyllic composting rapidly but cannot manage the amount of waste with our current space and structures).  We will begin experimenting with vermicompost as well.  We hope to produce enough compost to thoroughly fill our vegetable beds in the spring and potentially bag and sell some of it to parents as a fundraiser.

Where it's at:

1204 1st Ave
Mosier, OR 97040
United States

Garden type:

school/youth garden

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Garden beneficiaries:

children and families

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What this project needs:

volunteer labor
fruit bushes
compost bin

Project leaders:

Daniel Cassell
Quinn Clarkson

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