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Montclair Community Farms

Montclair Community Farms’ mission in 2014 is “youth farming for healthy, affordable, sustainable communities.” During our 2013 season, the project engaged local high school students in growing nearly five hundred pounds of vegetables in a 2,000-square foot lot located in Miller st Montclair. The addition of another 6,000 square-foot plot at the Montclair Historical Society was made available by the Montclair Community Farm Coalition, increasing our production by more than three times compared to last seasons harvest!  All the vegetables were donated to local emergency food programs and food pantries throughout Essex County. Our goal this upcoming season is to be more sustainable, as we found that although additional projects are wonderful, to sustain them for the long term is another objective entirely.

So our objectives for 2014 is to increase participation in our youth farming program by expanding our urban farming program to 11-17 year-olds.  This past summer we held a Farm Camp for ages 4-10, with over 30 families in participation.  Although it received positive feedback by our community, we realized we needed a more sustainable urban farm design to continue our overall mission of healthy affordable sustainable commons.  For 2014 season, we are planning to launch an community oriented Adopt a Garden Bed program, where a family or responsible youth will manage and nuture an entire garden bed for the duration of the growing season, with the majority of produce yielded continuing to be donated to the food pantries/food programs serving the population most in need.  The youth will have an opportunity to learn basic horticulture, customer service, and business marketing skills, as they will sell their produce at local farmers market as well as implementing a place-based nutrition education program with support from Montclair State University.



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108 Orange Rd
Montclair, NJ 07042
United States

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community garden

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children and families

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fruit bushes
fruit trees

Project leaders:

Rutger's Cooperative Extension Essex County 4-H
Jacob Kim

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KGI is a nonprofit community of over 30,000 people who are growing some of our own food and helping others to do the same.  

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