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Lyman Moore Middle School Garden

The Lyman Moore School Garden was started in the Spring of 2013 by 80 seventh graders with the guidance and financial support of the Center for African Heritage.  Students built and planted the garden in their science class while studying Life Science.  The students constructed four 50ft2 raised bed gardens, mixed soil components, sowed indoor seeds, used square foot gardening, and engaged in a variety of writing genres through the process.  Students enjoyed the radish harvest before summer vacation and a small group of students maintained and harvested the garden through summer.  Art students used growing seedlings as subjects for drawing.  In the fall, the student body at large saw the season’s full growth.  All harvests went home with students for their families.  Fall tasks included winterizing the garden and storing seeds gleaned from produce and flowers.


Our future goals are to include an increasing number of students each year, employ sustainable practices to become self sufficient through seed saving and composting and to integrate our produce into school nutrition.  This spring, a second group of 80 students will be responsible for a quarter of the growing space.  Also, the original students involved will guide other students of their grade level, who were not previously involved, to re-plant the garden.  As a long term goal, students are interested in developing a relationship between the garden and school meals.  Harvests will continue to go to families within the school community for the meantime.  To support student goals, community connection with shared harvests and effective gardening practice, a greenhouse would provide the infrastructure to have more growing space in a longer growing season.

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171 Auburn St
Portland, ME 04103
United States

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school/youth garden

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children and families

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What this project needs:

compost bin

Project leaders:

Naomi Holmes
Dawud A Ummah

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