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Lorain Correctional Institution Gardening Program

Our inmates in the garadening and beekeeping program will benefit by the educational opportunities of sowing, caring and harvesting a garden. Many offenders are from the inner city and may have never had the opportunity to feel the dirt between their fingers and see what it takes to nuture plants to fruition. This will give them a chance to take these skills home with them upon release with the possibility of establishing gardens at their homes or community gardens in their neighborhoods. This will be the second season for our bees and garden and we would like to increase the size and volumn of our garden. The Lorain Correctional Institution (LORCI) Beekeeping Program was started in April of 2013.  The program includes education on beekeeping, building Langstroth style hives, preparing to receive the honey bees and installing them into the hives.  There also has been training on caring for the hives and bees, harvesting honey, winterizing the hives.    A small garden was started close to the apiary, but we would like to expand the garden. The vegetables from the garden would be donated to local food banks to benefit our community.

The gardening and beekeeping program comes at the forefront of a committment to create more programming here at the request of our department Director Mr. Gary Mohr's "Green Initiative."  One of the broad advantages to this group is its constructiveness.  To gain entry into the program, an inmate must meet certain criteria.  This encourages positive behavior  that leads toward practical rehabilitaion and, in addition, provides inmates with an exciting undertaking to occupy thier free time as well as learn a skill that could lead to a future hobby or possibly employment.

Where it's at:

Lorain Correctional Institution
2075 S. Avon Belden Road
Grafton, OH 44044
United States

Garden type:

prison garden

Garden size (in square feet):


Garden beneficiaries:

Inmates and the community and families

Number of people reached:


What this project needs:

fruit bushes
fruit trees
gardening books
irrigation system
garden cart
compost bin

Project leaders:

Debbie Rodriguez
Diane Lloyd

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