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Kwetu Faraja Children's Demonstration Garden

Kwetu Faraja will move its primary residential location from urban Mwanza to its farm near the village of Kahunda, Tanzania, in January 2014. The home, nearing completion, will eventually house 45 boys and 5 regular adult supervisors on 4 hectares of agricultural land on the shore of Lake Victoria. Maize and other food crops are already in production and 1000 cypress trees have been planted on an additional 2 hectares of Kwetu property. While the organization will retain its rescue center in the city of Mwanza, a primary goal is to care for most of the children where fresh, nutritious food is available from a self-sustaining agricultural operation. One primary goal in 2014 is to open a new Children’s Garden that the boys can prepare, plant and harvest from beginning to end with adult supervision.


The Kwetu boys who will be living in Kaunda range in age from 1 year to 20 years and include children with special needs and some who are HIV positive; one with AIDS. The leaders have been trained in the care of HIV-AIDS children and work to maintain their special nutritional supplements. 


In the past, Kwetu has purchased almost all of the food for the 35 boys cared for in its urban location. Food availability and prices have fluctuated wildly in recent years with regional droughts and food shortages. Fresh produce has sometimes not been readily available or terribly expensive for an organization run on charitable donations. The new farm location, where irrigation is possible during drought conditions, will provide secure food resources for the children. Kwetu’s charter states its intentional mission to become self-sustaining. Kwetu’s urban rescue center will have food supplied from the farm.

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orphanage garden

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children and food insecure people

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expert technical assistance
gardening books

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M. Jason Knapp
Richard Peck

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