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Wind Hollow Foundation
Wind Hollow Foundation and Topless Granary
Oklahoma – Wind Hollow Foundation It’s an ill wind that blows no good!! The Sow It Forward Grant we received has had many setbacks (all weather related) here in Anadarko, Oklahoma. First, a snow storm in March hit, after a very mild winter. Then more cold weather – record lows into April and May. Then, the devastating tornados which hit our area. We had damage from the wind that blew over our fences and part of our Greenhouse frame came down. The existing 1940’s grain bins on this property, 3 stories high, were damaged, requiring heavy demolition off the top from the tornado winds. All of these setbacks have only made us more determined as Creator (tribal referral to a Higher Power-we’re an American Indian organization) has broken our three year, extreme drought with record levels of rain! To make our gardens a reality, we put the fences back up, hosted community events-complete with Fry Bread, Indian Tacos, and Teepees set up next to the garden area, and reframed the greenhouse with temporary a canvas roof until we can get new, clear covering. The granary is no longer a danger zone and remains standing, as it has since the 1940’s as a local landmark, minus the top. One block from us, the tornado landed a tree into a 1920’s brick store. The owner asked us if we wanted the clean-up project in return for the salvaged bricks. We jumped at the chance and got way more than we bargained for! The tree became several loads of firewood for community barbeque events to raise money for local American Indian children’s toys at Christmas. The brick became 25 pallets worth, several thousand total, and ready for low-income housing repairs in our communities. Best of all, our gardens got an added bonus! The mortar between the bricks, due to age, fell away from the bricks. After demolition, we had several tons of white gravel-like debris. We spread this as a base for our raised-bed herb gardens in between the greenhouse and the vegetable garden. As a bonus, inside the old building were three (3) pool tables, destroyed down to their wooden frames. These are PERFECT for raised beds in our herb garden! The old granary contained rectangular chutes made from 2 inch thick, 12 x 12 foot long, wooden boards. These are now additional raised beds, lining the fence in the garden. Multiple people (hundreds, it seems) in our community have begun visiting to follow our trials/tribulations and good fortune, as we “Re-purposed” the found items. We have had volunteers use forklifts to move the pallets of brick, right down the middle of the street! Others have come to set up the teepees, cook the food, serve, and cleanup. Music (live and recorded), has been performed at Saturday morning events which are now an every 3-week occurrence. Everyone comes by to “see what else Wind Hollow is up to at their place”. The local radio station has given us a half hour broadcast monthly (all free!!) to discuss our foundation, outreach, and agriculture focus. Tribal elders have even passed down seeds from generations ago in their family. We are not only cleaning up our corner of our small, rural town but engaging tribal folks and non-tribal persons in gardens and laughter. Fall Garden is planned because we have not even planted a seed yet!! But, we have a tremendous harvest of fellowship, community enjoyment and, most importantly, HOPE!! Not bad for a wind-blown reservation town with seven (7) tribal nations in southwestern Oklahoma.



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