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pole bean trellis
Pole bean trellis is up and ready for planting. I will plant basil under the A-frame as far as I can reach inside . . . with marigolds here and there, and borage at two corners.
This is beautiful! Love the idea! Did you have a plan to work from, or did you just build?
The trellis is built on an 8 x 4 foot raised bed. I used eight 2' x 6' garden trellises to build a huge a-frame. Using 8" plastic ties, I lashed the trellises together with 8' foot bamboo poles. I added cross braces on the ends (old branches) for added stability. Because we get very high winds, I will also stake the west end down with re-bar. I have 3 soaker hoses running through the bed. Companioln plants are basil, marigolds, nasturtiums, and borage.
If You get strong winds You better anchor this very well.Would be shame this beauty to be blown down.Do You think the basil will get enough sun?



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