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My Design Petunia Living Wall Mall Road Lahore Pakistan
This is incredible. How many petunia plants?!
hi Respected Admin thank you very much Duke Campus Farm for you like my living wall work. you also see my lettuce living wall last week. actually first i design a kit and pillars to install this wall. i am pioneer to built this wall with concrete kit in my country, i fill this wall with growing media and planting 1520 plants of petunia in this wall. this wall is 40 feet long and 8 feet high but measurement can be adjust as requirement . you can see my facebook id for so many living walls work done by me. thanks again for comment. tariq
Congratulations on developing & sharing such beautiful work, Tariq Tanveer! I think your discoveries have a great future - especially in urban garden settings. I am very familiar with general construction & gardening techniques - and I am SO impressed with the way you have resolved all the needs of the system so that it looks elegantly simple & works as a garden wall uniformly from top to bottom & across the entire surface. I want to come back with some organized questions - in part about what you intend for your excellent system. Today I will just ask - how long is the growing season where you live, & how long does one of your Petunia or lettuce wall plantings remain productively growing?
thank you very much Jessica for your much appreciation for my living walls work. i live in faisalabad city , pakistan , here cold season is from october to march , and we can grow petunia and lettuce in these season, other tan this season i mean in hot season i grow mint in walls as permanent plants , and also some herbs and chillies and tomatoes grow in hot season in walls.
Great work Tariq. I am new to gardening and would like to learn more. I am also from Faisalabad. Give me your cell and maybe we should talk. My cell is 03216684800. Qamar
thank you very much Qamar saib for your appreciation about my gardening work. sure i love to discuss you , my cell no is 03216627199. and also thanks to waqar hadir who always good wishes for me. tomorrow i welcome and wait you comming to my garden regards



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