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shredding tree and shrub prunings with lawn mower
Homebrew shredding; BEWARE - READ COMMENT
Branches and twigs of up to 1/2'' diameter can be shredded by spreading them out and carefully driving a typical small gasoline lawn mower of about 3 - 3,5 Hp over them.Keep at the edges; if You are too ambitious the mower will jam and stop - a minor mishap.But if Your sticks are way thicker than 1/2'' then the cutter may distort, and this is not a minor mishap - the cutter will not easily straighten again.....BEWARE! NEVER ATTEMPT TO ACTIVELY FEED BIOMASS INTO A LAWN MOWER! If You really want to commit suicide, there are far better ways to do it.
Now, what I did was simply cutting everything from 1/2''diameter and less off my branches/prunings using a sickle;much staff could be used uncut as it was already thin enough.Then I chopped up everything remaining from 1/2'' to 1 1/2'' with a hatchet.The chop pile in the picture is at the left in front of the shred pile.A few poles larger than 1 1/2'' I set aside for other uses.
Now,if done as described and with common sense this method works and is safe.However, You do it at Your own risk.



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