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Giant Florida Avocado
Holy guacamole Batman!
ha! or imagine making soup with ONE avocado!
Oh my gosh! This soup is so good! I will have to post the recipe.
I hope you do post that recipe ... You have really captured the glorious perfection of these magnificent giant avocados. Recently a friend in Peru described a wide range of avocados from this size to *fingerling.* And years ago in Anaheim, California, on the corner of what is now a boulevard & there now stands a gas station, there was a fairly large orchardy lot with a cottage. It was shady & pleasant, with mostly bare ground under the trees. There were large yucca plants in the front yard area that sent up seasonal blossoms twenty feet tall. The short, burly old man who lived there used to load his wheelbarrow with avocados like the one above & sell or give them away around what was then the neighborhood. Once he rang at my front gate, which I couldn't see through. I called out, *Who is it?!* After a pause he said, *Avocado man.* Maybe you can tell I would like to be able to time-travel. Enjoy your beautiful avocados!
What a lovely story. Too bad it's now a gas station. Thanks for sharing!



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