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Hannigan Elementary School is located in the south end of New Bedford, MA.  Hannigan Elementary has a population of about 300 students, 95% of which are living below the poverty line.  Close to 50% of the school’s population is Hispanic, although the city of New Bedford is primarly Portuguese.  The teachers at Hannigan are committed to engaging their families and see a garden program as a vehicle to doing so.  Gardening is not a foreign concept for most immigrant families in New Bedford, and can serve as a platform to engage in their children’s education.  Gardening and cooking can also provide an opportunity to explore the cultures gardening and harvesting traditions represented in the school.  Hannigan teachers are excited to incorporate food into the curriculum, and believe the hands on approach will ignite a love for learning in their students.  Five teachers participated in a summer retreat focused on adopting a garden program, and are dedicated to making this dream a reality.  This grant would provide the startup money needed for teachers and families to build this garden together.  Due to the lack of financial resources among Hannigan families, this school community will rely on grants and donations rather than internal school fundraisers.  This past November Hannigan hosted its first garden planning workshop for families and the community.  It was a huge success with 12 families present, ready with lists of produce they would like to grow that is too expensive to buy at the grocery store.  The workshop was an inspiration and a reminder why this garden is so critical.  

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71 Portland Street
United States

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school/youth garden

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children and families

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compost bin

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Zoe Hansen-DiBello
Robyn Branco

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